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  1.  Halo EHC 充電站不設免費充電 
     Halo EHC Charging Station does not provide free charging service (
  2. 所有收費充電站有機會有超時佔用費,充電服務完成後,繼續佔用充電站會有相關的費用,並在下一次充電時一併支付。
    After charging service complete, our Charging Station may charge the user Occupancy Penalty Fee accordingly. The Fee will be paid at next transaction.
  3. 充電不成功充電不會扣取任何費用,如有遇上充電不成功,可以拔槍重新充電。
    Payment will not be proceed if charging is not success. If charging is not success, unplug the cable and retry. 
  4. 手機信號較差的埸地會有 免費WI-FI提供  
    Free Wifi is provided at the charging station with weak mobile signal.


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Frequent Ask Question

 Halo | TheStation  provides 24-hour service.

The charger used in the  Halo | TheStation solution can support Type 1, Type 2, CCS 2 meaning it’s compatible with most EVs in the market.

 Some charging stations are equipped with non-wired chargers. Customers can use the built-in compliant conversion cable for charging.

Connect the EV to the charger, and then scan the QR Code on the charger with your smartphone. After logging in, select the EV that needs to be charged and the charging plan, and finally choose the payment method. After the payment is completed, the charging will start immediately

Visa, Master, Apply Pay, Android Pay, UnionPay and AE

You can enter the code after select the charging plan before processing to payment.

Unlock the EV plug, unplug the charger from EV and place back the cable to the cable holder.

You can choose to stop charging on your smartphone. Please note that the purchased service plan will be deemed to have been used.

If you find the charger does not start charging, you can try to check:

  1. if the charger gun is successfully plugged and locked
  2. if your smartphone is connected to internet
  3. if you have login to Epluscharging platform before scanning QR code; otherwise, please scan again
  4. if the situation is still, please call or WhatsApp our hotline 55062265

Yes.  Halo | TheStation  supports most of the electric vehicles in the market, but different electric vehicles have different maximum charging speed limits. The maximum charging speed of the car models on the market ranges from 50KW to 250KW, so the charging speed and time of each car will vary according to the limit and condition of the car battery.

Using a 7kW charger, the charging current can reach 32A; while using 120kW for overcharging, the charging current can reach up to 200A, so the charging time will be faster.

 Yes, you can add more than 1 EV in “My Car”

The fee of charging service  Halo | TheStation  provided is time based. The charger will provide a maximum amount electricity to the EV within a certain duration, e.g. the AC hourly 2 plan will provide a maximum 14kWh for 2 hours

 One user cannot charge more than 1 EV under same user at the same time; but user can do so in different time.

 Please try again as it would not have any transaction if the payment were failed. The transaction will not charged if the charging is failed. The fee will be refunded. 

Different charging stations will have different treatments. Generally, occupancy fee $5/min will be charged after 5min completion for fast charging; occupancy fee $1/min will be charged after 15min completion for other charging. The occupancy fee will be paid in your next charging. 

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