E+ Charging

360 degree cover EV charging

HALO's Offering​

From LV switch room to charger, from charger to operation cloud, HALO provides a comprehensive charging solution to EV Driver/Landlord/Property Management to enjoy the simple and smart charging moment!

Complete EV Charging Service Package Offering

For Landlord

A. Commercial / Shopping Mall

  • Fast DC Charger  x 1
  • Medium AC Charger x 3

B. Residential Car Park

  • Medium AC Charger x 3 for Public parking space

Commercial / Shopping Mall Charging Service

For Property Management

Deliver a Sustainable and Better Charging Experience in shopping mall:

  1. Promising Charging by BOOKING
  2. 1-Hour Charging for app. 240km
  3. Charging with Shopping, cafe, restroom and restaurants.

Residential Car Park Charging Service

For Residential​

Deliver a Sustainable and Affordable Charging Solution for Resident.

1. Installing a self-owned EV charger with < $30,000

2. Public Charging Service (3 Chargers) for visitors and resident.


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