Charging solution

Optimisation in power, space and time​

Ultimate Solution for Home and Work Charging

Highly Advanced Load Management System

With the end-to-end solution, E+ charging service solution provides a highly advanced Load Management System to enable the distribution of the facility’s power in an efficient & robust way. Therefore, those facility with power supply limitation to support electric car charger installation will be solved.

Same Power, More Charger

x5 Chargers - More Coverage​

Conveyor Chains

According to HK Government vehicle statistic and EMSD guideline, HALO EV CHARGING Residential L Factor is 0.2。 Our system can support and compatible to multi-brand EV chargers and our system can support 5X more EV chargers to be installed under same power supply condition

Customer Care Service

Operation and E+ Care Service

HALO Provides E+CARE Service including system support, 7×24 online Support, hardware Maintenance, Annual Check and liability Insurance

Charging Service by

Co-investment model​

Co-investment EV Charging solution is the only solution available in the market that HALO will work with single-owned landlord in providing EV charging service with profit-sharing on charging service revenue.

This can minimize the investment CAPEX and optimize the power utilization as well as minimizing the OPEX.

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